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  1)一大缺点:缺乏灵活性 (lack of flexibility),由于电脑有程序上的限制(programmatic limitations). 教学模式化的(standardized)无法满足学生的具体需要(incompatible with the specific needs of a student)

  one of the major drawbacks of computer is lack of flexibility. Due to its programmatic restraints, its teaching is standardized and therefore incompatible with the specific needs of a student.

  2)电脑和学生缺乏互动(lack of interaction),不能够满足学生的情感需求(fill student's emotional needs)

  Owning to the lack of interaction, distance-learning can hardly fill students' emotional needs.

  3)长期盯着屏幕有伤视力 ( impair vision); 有害身体健康(damage students health)

  Long-time exposure to the computer would impair vision and damage students' health.


  1) 可以作为教育辅助(teaching aid),电脑起着重要的作用。协助教师用多种途径展现教育资料(present educational materials in various ways),同时为学生提供重复性的练习(repetitive drills)巩固学习成果。




  1.The government should control the amount of violence in films and on television in order to decrease the violent crimes in society. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this issue? 政府应该控制电影电视上暴力镜头的数量,为了减少社会暴力犯罪。你在多大程度上同意或不同意这个问题?



  应该控制2:暴力电影中的电影明星树立了负面榜样,他们给年轻人传达了一个错误的观念,即暴力是一种合适的方式来解决一切社会问题,这在年轻人中培养了一种对于犯罪的崇拜。 不应该控制:暴力镜头本身就能反应社会现实,这是对于人们的一种教育,也让他们对于可能在身边出现的暴力进行防范。


  Nowadays, many people argue that the government should control the amount of violence in films and on television, in order to reduce social crimes. In my view, this assertion is partially wise, and my reasons would be explored as below.

  Admittedly, there are many good reasons for controlling the amount of violence in films and on television. First, violent films and television are mental poisons for the audience It is because they contains numerous of erotic, corrupt and provoking episode, with long exposure to which, viewers might become aggressive and eccentric. In addition, violence contents set negative role models for young viewers, especially the youth.

  Activities like fighting, shooting or killing done by movie stars send teenagers a wrong message that violence is an effective or even essential solution to all troubles. Therefore, these youngsters with immature minds begin to admire violence and disrespect social rules, which leads to the increasing of the juvenile delinquents. According to the analysis above, it is clear that the measure of limiting violent information on media should be encouraged, for the reason that it can directly cut off the access to those illegal and evil behaviors and thoughts, thus keeping people from imitating them.

  Advocates claim that the practice of controlling the amount of violence in mass media is a brazen violation of the people's basic right to know the truth of the world. For example, some films contain some violence, but they reflect the things happened around us. Rather than producing negative effects on audience, to some extent, these films educate them. Furthermore, violence in films or on television programs cultivates people's senses of crisis and responsibility, which makes ordinary people and police work better for public security. Consequently, it is irresponsible and foolish to blame the media for violence in our society.

  As far as I am concern, I strongly believe that the amount of violence in films and TV should be controlled. At the same time, we cannot deny the advantages brought by them. And the best policy is to develop the merits of the violent films and television, while grading and filtering them.

  2.News media have become influential to our lives, and some people think that is a negative development. To what extent do you agree or disagree? 新闻媒体对我们的生活产生影响,有人认为这是一种消极的发展。你在多大程度上同意或不同意?







  Nowadays, the expanding influence of news media on the society has been a heated social issue in debate. Some believe this trend is negative because the media controls minds of the public. Personally, I partially agree with this view, and my reasons will be explored as below.

  The most worrying aspect of new media is that it overwhelms people’s daily lives. Actually, our lives of today are news-oriented, because of the 24-hour nonstop news cycles on TV, radio and Internet. Under such news bombardment, the information overload takes place, which means people’s attentions and minds have to be glued to focusing on and interpreting endless news, comments, gossips and rumors, necessary and unnecessary, no matter where they are, in workplaces, schools, buses or homes. As a result, news media is a huge distraction, which makes people exhausted and reduces their concentration and energy on their tasks or families.

  Another big concern of news media is about its roles in manipulating people’s thoughts. Psychologically speaking, watching news media is a strong process of washing brain, in which the personal judgments of individual viewers might be removed and replaced with the media-established ideas. For example, for the purpose of politics, many influential newspapers, TV programs and online websites disclose the foibles of privacy, and even deliberately fabricate false rumors, scandals to diminish some political candidates in an election. Obviously, the cheatings and lies on news media are detrimental to the social equity and democracy, because they keep voters from thinking freely and independently.

  However, the positive impact news media bring to our lives can never be ignored. In fact, the exposure to these news and reports can give the audience valuable messages and suggestions in day-to-day life. For example, the information about forecasts of weather and traffic situations in rush hours on regional newspapers or radio channels can instruct local residents to make proper schedules, plans and routers for travelling outside. In addition, reports about pressing social problems like epidemics, natural disasters, violence and crimes in streets also help to arouse the public’s awareness of the importance of improving education and health care systems, as well as the necessity of saving environment.

  In conclusion, the demerits caused by news media override its benefits for the public. Although it can provide useful and practical information to the audience, it influences people in more negative ways, including an unbalanced life due to addiction in news, as well as the misunderstanding about social issues.

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