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  The best way to teach children to cooperate is through team sports at school. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

  Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

  Write at least 250 words.





  范文Model answer


  Teamwork is essential to a good performance from any sports team, professional or not, and is a great way to teach children certain life lessons, such as cooperating well with others and taking responsibility for actions. Such lessons, from my perspective, are applicable to life outside of sports and can be applied to work or school, such as being able to focus without interruption on a school paper that needs to be written or working with a less-than-pleasant (adj. 相处不太愉快的) colleague on a project.

  Body paragraph 1 (团队运动对合作积极影响1)

  Firstly, teamwork in sports promotes cooperation. Both children and adults can learn how to better cooperate with their teammates (n. 队友), even if they are not particularly fond of a teammate or two. Cooperation means putting differences aside for the greater good of the team. Children can learn how the importance of the team supersedes (vt. 接替) the recognition of individual accomplishments (个人成就的认可) - that by working together as a part of a group with a common goal, things can be accomplished that otherwise would be out of the reach of individuals. For example, members of a football team need to cooperate to successfully perform a play, whether on a running play or a passing play. Without everyone involved in the play working together to make the play happen, the other team could wind up with the ball (获胜).

  Body paragraph 2(团队运动对合作积极影响2)

  Secondly, no sports team is successful without working together to reach a common goal and athletic competition (体育竞赛) provides opportunities for children to learn and grow. Some education experts state that organised sports programs can teach children important societal values (社会价值观) that are vital to their growth process. Through team sports especially, children can learn that cooperation and teamwork are necessary to achieve a common goal. Additionally, playing a team sport can help children understand how their actions affect the other team’s players or candidates (n. 选手), which simultaneously (adv. 同时地) develops their social and communicational skills.

  Body paragraph 3 (团队运动不足及替代方法)

  However, some indicate that the nature of sports (运动的本质) – competitiveness – cannot be ignored and this may create some unnecessary injuries for children. Some of today’s child athletes are suffering from pain due to overuse of muscles and joints (n. 关节) and/or acute trauma (急性创伤) which used to be seen only in adults. Much of this is from focusing on a single sport which uses repetitive motions (重复运动), and from training too intensely (adv. 强烈地) at a young age. Because of this, some studies suggest there are some other activities that cansubstitute for (代替;替换) team sports to help young people learn the importance of cooperating with others, such as group presentations and some classroom games (e.g. human knots and wave stretching).


  To conclude, although other methods in class can be adopted to create a co-operative environment for children, learning to cooperate with others towards a common goal in sports is what builds character, friendship and important life skills for children. The friendships built within a team can last a lifetime for some players, and the journey of a team throughout a certain period is often memorable.

  (482 words)


  wind up with the ball: wind up指“结束;停止;完成”之意,这里引申为在比赛中获胜的意思。

  nature: 常用作“自然”,此外还有“本质;天性”等意思。

  Telling lies is a fault in a boy, an art in a lover, an accomplishment in a bachelor, and second-nature in a married man.


  The consumption of world’s resources (e.g. oil and fresh water) is increasing. What are thecauses? What measures should be taken to solve this problem?

  Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

  Write at least 250 words.


  这个题目我也真是B了狗了,哪有问这么宽的,各位去环境能源等学科领域,人都是分能源消耗、土地消耗、食品消耗等各个子话题去讨论的好!吗!但是对于各位来说,其实也有好处,因为不管怎么发散论点都不会太跑题。只是要注意一点,这次考的是causes + solutions (成因 + 解决方式),千万别写成什么问题之类的。同时请注意,在这类文章中,解决方式要么能和前面的问题一一对应,要么能解决前面所有的问题,否则会因段落之间没有显著联系而失分。


  各个环境能源网站。但是我只用到了人口激增和科技发展这两个因素进行论证,末尾附一个链接,主要讨论为“能源枯竭与过度使用 (Resource Depletion and Overuse )” ,同时也可作为该题论点,请大家有时间看看。同时在环境能源话题下,各位应该多累积词汇和相应表达。

  范文Model answer

  Introduction (背景句加文章写作目的)

  Global resource consumption equals global resource extraction (全球资源开采): the world economy uses around 60 billion tonnes of resources each year to produce the goods and services which humans consume. This number is still increasing as the years go on. In this essay, I will first analyse some causes including population size and technology development and then suggest some possible solutions.

  Body paragraph 1 (阐述两个成因)

  First, at least part of the rise in global consumption is the result of population growth and the fact that natural resources are being used up at a more rapid rate than in the past. It is predicted that world population will increase 41 percent by 2050 to 8.9 billion people, which means that there will be more pressure on all types of resources that the world relies on for survival. Second, advances in technology are of great importance for countries to develop manufacturing and service sectors, as well as high levels of transport and movement of goods. This leads to higher demand for global resources. Additionally, the accelerating industrialisation process in developing countries also produces a huge demand for resources.

  Body paragraph 2 (提出两个解决方法)

  Some empirical and theoretical (实证和理论的) recommendations can be taken into consideration. First, effective population control measures are advisable in this case. For one, strict legal steps should be taken to abolish (vt. 废除) child marriage and labour; steps should also be taken to help educate the populace (n.民众), specifically in family planning. Additionally, education, especially the education of women, can work wonders (产生奇妙作用) in controlling population. An educated couple can readily understand the benefits of a small family. Second, the environmental protection concept should be promoted among both manufacturers and customers, and technologies can help this. For example, many items such as light bulbs and washing machines are now being designed to be more energy efficient thus reducing the demand for energy.


  To conclude, the population explosion and rapid technological progress are two main causes of increasing resource consumption. Based on this, proper writing and enforcement of laws, innovated and environmental technological design, and sustainable development are three key solutions.

  (330 words)

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